If you're in the throes of planning a Halloween fancy dress party, then you may be interested in some extra resources which you could use to entertain guests - or yourself!

Here at Escapade, we've launched a new website at www.HalloweenEscapade.com, which is fully interactive and designed just for fun and infotainment.

It is set out like an adventure land and offers users the chance to enjoy short stories, recipes, freebies and articles about all kinds of spooky things.

It's family-friendly during the day, but changes to something a little darker in the evenings for adults to explore.

For instance, did you know that if you wear werewolf fancy dress, you are harking back to an ancient Roman poem? In the tale, King Lycaeon is visited by the gods, but doesn't believe they are really deities and tricks them by serving a meal of human flesh.

However, they are none too impressed when they find out and turn him into a man-wolf.

Our own Bhupendra Maisuria said the website is the first of its kind, adding: "Halloween is British and we are excited about the opportunity of giving the public a chance to reconnect with this fact in a fun and interactive manner."

Why not give it a try?