With party invitations sent out and Halloween fancy dress on its way or in the wardrobe, this weekend could be the ideal time to start planning what food you plan to serve up at your party.

Although you obviously can't begin making it yet - unless you plan to have some rather indignant guests - you should have a good idea of how many people should be coming and what kind of things they like eating.

Halloween-Online.com suggests getting in some of the ingredients for pumpkin-shaped pizza (you just shape the base), pumpkin cake, cookies and toffee-dipped apples.

  BBC Good Food also has some great ideas for Halloween recipes.

Meanwhile, how about having a ghostly hand in a glowing punchbowl? Halloween-Online.com has a great idea for freezing water and food colouring inside a (clean) rubber glove to create a very spooky giant ice shape.

A polystyrene disc with a circle cut out will also allow the bowl to be lit from beneath, providing the perfect complement to your Halloween fancy dress.

Oh, and don't forget to check if any of your guests are vegetarian!