With the time for wearing Halloween fancy dress fast approaching, this week could be a good time to look at decor for your home.

There are plenty of affordable bits and bobs that can now be picked up from the supermarkets, with Asda currently stocking some fab pumpkin-shaped tealights for under a fiver.

However, as with invitations, it's also fun to add to them with handmade items.

101 Halloween Ideas recommends creating creepy table displays by filling vases with empty branches, pressed autumn leaves and dried flowers and then tying black and yellow ribbons around them.

Look out for pussy willow branches and sycamore leaves if you're on a stroll in the evenings or at the weekend as these could be ideal.

Halloweendecor.org also suggests making some frightening silhouettes by stuffing rubber gloves, spray-painting them and then decorating them will claws, fake nails and horrible injuries.

"Reduce the intensity of the light and you will see, the effect will be seizing!" the website enthuses.

Don't forget to look for some props too, for example, a cauldron if you plan on wearing witch fancy dress.