Schoolgirls in Fareham have been learning about nationalities different to their own through the use of food and fun fancy dress.

As part of the recent European Languages Day, pupils of Wykeham House School were invited to dress up in flags and other costumes and to learn about other cultures and celebrate their own identity.

They spent September 24th 2010 eating Swedish meatballs, Italian cannelloni and French croissants and took part in lots of fun competitions, as well as learning a few words in other languages.

Headmistress Lynn Clarke told the Portsmouth News: "In a global society where travel is so easy, we should still try to get everybody to understand each other. We had a fabulous day."

Back in June, a man's attempts to celebrate all things German did not go down too well at Claridge's Hotel, the Daily Mail reported.

Lewis Dickinson decided to wear a German fancy dress costume complete with lederhosen for a night out, but was asked to leave for breaching the dress code.