With only 27 days to go until we're all donning our Halloween fancy dress and going about our spooky business, it's time to choose your outfit and get it ordered in time for the festivities.

Halloween-Online.com points out that getting hold of your costume in plenty of time is a really good idea, as it will ensure you beat the mad rush when everyone tries to order something at the last minute.

Not only this, but planning ahead will allow you to overcome any minor mishaps such as the fancy dress you had your eye on being out of stock.

"It's never too early to get in the mood for Halloween. In fact, some of us are in that mood all year long," the website points out.

Now there's less than a month until October 31st, it could also be a good idea to start thinking seriously about how you plan to decorate your house and garden should you plan to have a party.

For instance, if you want to wear Grim Reaper fancy dress, some scythes at the front door could be really good.