When you're all caught up in the excitement of getting your Halloween fancy dress ready, it can be easy to forget that the event may be a little bit strange for tots.

After all, you spend the rest of the year trying to convince them the bogeyman isn't real, only for a whole host of them to start walking around the neighbourhood once October 31st rolls around!

Vicki Panaccione from the Better Parenting Institute said you can help your youngster to realise that it's all just a bit of fun by getting him or her more involved.

For instance, explain how trick or treating works and tell them you can try it together, then get them to look at fancy dress costumes and choose one they love.

Vicki pointed out the outfits don't have to be scary - why not try Barbie Princess fancy dress for girls and superheroes for boys?

The expert said it shouldn't take too long for kids to start enjoying themselves at Halloween.

She added: "The lure of candy eventually wins out!"

Only 30 days to go…