People are more interested in sporting Halloween fancy dress come October 31st than they are in getting all soppy when Valentine's Day rolls around.

This is the discovery of retailers this year, who have noted a massive boom in sales of spooky products such as pumpkins, sweets and goody bags.

Tesco said it expects to sell £55 million in Halloween goods, with toffee apples predicted to be particularly popular.

With sales having almost trebled since 2005, Tesco's Carolyn Bradley said Halloween is now one of the year's most important seasonal events.

" has overtaken Valentine's Day (for Tesco) so that today only Christmas and Easter are bigger," she commented.

Anyone excited about the build-up to the day could treat their kids to the new movie Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space, which Dreamworks is releasing especially for the season.

Meanwhile, Ghostbusters fancy dress could be a good idea for your party, as Aaron Martin of Official Wire said it is proving really popular even though the original film is now 26 years old.