You've been looking forward to your Halloween fancy dress party for ages, but at last it's coming up soon enough for you to get the food in.

October 31st is a great excuse to decorate as much of your refreshment stash as possible and there are some fab recipes around from websites such as BBC Good Food.

For example, don't forget to stock up on some baking ingredients so that you can make cupcakes and ice them up as ghosts or spiders (the legs for these can be easily done with Matchmakers).

Meanwhile, for the starters, you can make pea soup and call it witches' brew, or spaghetti and dub it worms.

And make sure you get plenty of sausages, as these can make really spooky-looking 'fingers'. All you need to do is slice them in half and then push an almond into the end of each to create a mock fingernail. Putting them in between two slices of bread and splattering on lots of tomato sauce will make it look just like a disembodied hand!

Putting in some imagination will create enough to scare even people in the most frightening Halloween fancy dress.