Fake blood and realistic makeup is essential for anyone who intends to take their Halloween fancy dress seriously.

Jenn Malone, who now works as a makeup artist in Toronto, told the Brock Press that applying your scary cosmetics properly can mean the difference between turning into a sticky mess before midnight and being the most impressive attendee at your party.

She pointed out that if your fake nose is dropping off and you can see through the blood or whatever you've used, you aren't doing it right.

Jenn recommended that at the very least, you should invest in some fake blood that dries and a fresh supply for later on, as well as some quite thick makeup for your face that corresponds to your outfit. For instance, it may be green if you're Frankenstein or deathly white if you're going in vampire fancy dress.

You could also buy some fake blood tattoos if you want less mess, or even do some DIY.

"Making your own blood, with food colouring and corn syrup, is a classic," Jenn said.