5 Halloween Party Food Ideas

Got the evening booked, the drinks all sorted, friends & family invited but still stumped by how to turn your beautiful homestead into a creepy scene of horror, fear & dread? There are some things that flat-packed Swedish furniture shops just can't cover and that's where we come in. Here are our top 5 skin-crawling suggestions for making your party look the part...

5. SPOOKY PUMPKINS You just can't beat the classics, can you? It would be wrong without them - pumpkins just ARE Halloween, so really there's no excuse not to get busy with some fruity bits (yep, they're not actually veggies!) and express your creative side to fill as many surfaces, shelves and unlikely display places until you don't even need to switch on the real lights. Be careful though, you'll need to keep on any naked flames even when they're surrounded by carved out shells! What you'll need: - Fresh pumpkins (as many as you have time to carve!) - Tea candles (cheap as chips!) - Escapade's Colossal Carving Kit
4. CLOWN CATASTROPHE Even we know how much this is going to mess some of you up - there are certain people in life who just can't deal with clown on any level... BUT IT'S HALLOWEEN and that means it's high time you take a chance to play on the fears of some good friends and beloved family. What better for a genuine Coulrophobe (the technical term for clown hater) than to enter a house entirely decked out as the ultimate evil carnival, with clown masks peering out of dark windows, clown effigies waiting in the fridge and freaky circus music playing on a loop? What you'll need: - Creepy circus music - Escapade's Clown Puppet Halloween Decoration (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's Jester Cane - Escapade's Clown Masks - Escapade's Clown Shoes
3. MURDER SCENE As topical as it may be, this is perhaps the only time of year you can get away with something like this and... trust us... you can go far with this one. To save your home sweet home from permanent staining, get yourself some basic white sheets (every household has spare somewhere!) and coat liberally in fake blood, with spray patterns to be encouraged, then hang them up to create the perfect scene of the crime. Get creative and serve blood-coloured drinks and scatter a few severed limbs about the place. Extra points for those who can fill a bath with red liquid for the severed limbs and maybe even get a chocolate fountain filled with sticky, viscous red gore... What you'll need: - White bedsheets / old linen - Escapade's Film Blood Professional Type A / Type B - Escapade's Axe with Blood Splatter - Escapade's Jason Toy Machete - Escapade's Butcher's Shop Horrific Tool Kit (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's Leatherface Toy Chainsaw - Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Escapade's Cut Off Gory Hand - Escapade's Severed Limbs & Body Parts (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's Bloody Shower Curtain
2. MEDIEVAL TORTURE CHAMBER Some people genuinely would love to have their very own dungeon, but we won't go into that right now. Halloween is for scares first and foremost, so that's where we can help. Get the lights down low for this one and set the scene with some old world props and atmosphere. Weapons, stocks, the sound of agonised moaning and the general suffering of your loved ones - what more do you want to make the perfect fright night? What you'll need: - Creepy soundtrack of dungeon sounds - Escapade's Ghoulish Stocks Prop (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's Snow White Huntsman Hatchet - Escapade's Medieval Hooks and Chain - Escapade's Ball & Chain (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's Chain Gang Links & Shackles - Escapade's Bloody Creepy Fabric (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's 74" Chain Link (available from our Camden Superstore!)
1. DEADLY SPIDER'S LAYER Fancy going totally overboard? Got anyone in your family scared of spiders? Right, take down some notes for our favourite get-up yet (we like it so much, we even made our entire shopfloor out of it this Halloween!). You'll be amazed by quite how much you can get out of each of our Spiderweb packs, but one thing we certainly don't advise - if you have children, we definitely shouldn't recommend that you secretly get hold of their favourite teddies, wrap them in webbing and suspend them as victims from the ceiling with our terrifying collection of realistic spiders poised, ready to strike. Make the whole house the dreaded home of the poisonous beastie... What you'll need: - Escapade's Web Super Stretch, 165ft / Web Super Stretch, 400ft - Escapade's 90" Posable Spider (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's Bag o'Roaches / Bag o'Mice (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's Mini Hairy Spiders (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's Halloween Spiders Collection (available from our Camden Superstore!) - Escapade's Halloween Plastic Bone (available from our Camden Superstore!)