With her character in 90210 being an heiress, actress Anna-Lynne McCord is better known for perfect designerwear than crazy film fancy dress.

However, this changed when she was spotted filming scenes in Los Angeles this week wearing quite an outrageous outfit.

In the story, queen bee Naomi meets a guy on the internet, but he turns out to be a little bit geeky.

To impress him, she goes to meet him at a convention wearing Avatar fancy dress - but finds to her horror that none of the other attendees are in outfits.

"I'm getting fitted for contact lenses, will be head-to-toe blue and they're trying to work out prosthetics to give me big feet," McCord revealed.

Avatar become a smash hit in 2009 and is set in 2154 on the planet Pandora. Director James Cameron originally wanted to create it soon after he finished Titanic, but waited because he did not feel the technology was available to make it look as good as he wanted at the time.