It has been revealed that a pantomime starring Jim Davidson was forced to change an item of sexy fancy dress after being told it was breaking the Geneva Convention.

The Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow put on Robin Hood over the festive season, which featured a character in a naughty nurse fancy dress costume.

However, it had red crosses on the hat and tunic and a representative from the British Red Cross was soon in touch to say the production was breaking the law by portraying the organisation in a non-neutral manner.

Producers quickly had to alter the outfits so they displayed a green cross in order to avoid prosecution under the Geneva Conventions Act 1957.

A spokesperson for the Red Cross said: "We do have a very serious obligation to protect the Red Cross emblem."

Indeed, the majority of the costumes available for people who want to dress up as nurses actually feature white crosses on a red background - but it may be worth watching out for in the future!