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A new survey has discovered that a worrying number of Brits seem to think that TV programmes such as Doctor Who are documentaries.

According to a poll carried out by Birmingham Science City, 30 per cent of respondents believe that time travel is actually possible.

Meanwhile, more than a fifth think the lightsabers from Star Wars exist and almost half think they could get hold of a hover board a la Marty McFly, if they really wanted to.

Despite GCSE science doing its best, another fifth of the survey's respondents said they thought they could see gravity.

Director of Birmingham Science City Dr Pam Waddell commented: "What's clear from this research is that science captures everyone's imagination, so we must continue to invest in it and strive to develop the latest 'stranger than fiction' creations!"

Meanwhile, Doctor Who star Matt Smith has been banned from stripping off in his new one-off drama Christopher and His Kind in case it jeopardises his squeaky-clean image on the teatime drama.

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