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How do you feel about Julia Roberts? Plenty of people would probably call themselves a fan of the actress, but most of them do not go quite so far in their adulation as Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic.

The film buff once went to see Erin Brockovich at the cinema and was so enamoured by Roberts' performance that he decided to get a tattoo of her. Then another and another.

In fact, Miljenko now has a grand total of 82 pieces of body art with the Hollywood star as a subject, including some of her pouting, smiling and looking pensive (although we don't think all of them look much like her).

The 56-year-old has spent hundreds of pounds on his tattoos and said he plans to get more while there is still space on his body and he still has the cash.

However, he still has quite a long way to go to surpass the world's most modifed man. This accolade goes to Dennis Avner - aka Stalking Cat - who has spent thousands on tattoos and implanted whiskers to make him look feline.

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