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Visitors to a museum in Germany have the chance to urinate on Hitler, something which is apparently proving to be a big attraction.

Michael Berger, 69, has opened the museum in Wiesbaden to showcase all things toilet-related.

He has antique loo seats, toilet roll holders shaped to look like paint rollers and even decorative cleaning brushes for people who want to admire some more exciting than their own at home.

However, a stand-out favourite is a urinal designed just after World War II, which has a painting of Adolf Hitler on the inside so that visitors can aim right at him.

Mr Berger said: "This is my present to humanity. I am mad, but I love loos."

Last month, a Twitter user posted a photo of a house that she thought looked a bit like the Nazi dictator in Swansea.

Meanwhile, the creators of a Top Trumps game focusing on tyrants have been told they could face court for including a card featuring statistics based on Hitler, including the number of deaths he caused.

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