Business owners and tourism officials in the US destination Atlantic City have gone mad for historical fancy dress in a bid to make the most of the Boardwalk Empire effect.

The TV series launched this week on Sky Atlantic and tells the story of the city and its people during prohibition-era America.

It has launched a flurry of interest in all things 1920s-related, so savvy businesspeople have decided to capitalise on it by introducing a range of attractions for visitors, the Associated Press reports.

Casinos have brought in flapper fancy dress for their employees, speakeasy beverages have been introduced on drinks menus and dance contests for the Charleston and the Shimmy have sprung up.

It is hoped that tourists will visit Atlantic City to learn more about the history of the US - including the escapades of Nucky Thompson and Al Capone - and benefit from the round-the-clock party vibe from the Roaring Twenties.

"People dig knowing where all those characters went and what they did. This thing is hot right now," said local casino owner Don Marrandino.

Atlantic City is in New Jersey and is around 120 miles from New York City.