An item from a fun fancy dress outfit got a chef in big trouble recently, it has been revealed.

Phiwi Dolo, 31, had been out to a party on October 17th last year and had met a girl during the course of the evening, the Mirror reports.

After a fair few drinks, he decided to leave, taking the toy gun from her cowgirl fancy dress with him.

The RAF employee then tried to attract the attention of passing cabs by waving the little plastic toy around as he staggered in the general direction of home.

Unfortunately for Mr Dolo, one of the cars he pointed the 'gun' at was a police car - and the officers inside didn't see the funny side, jumping out to arrest him.

This week, a court accepted his plea of disorderly conduct and he got away with a £200 fine and one-year conditional discharge instead of a jail sentence.

There have been quite a few cases of ill-advised costumes getting people in trouble recently. One involved Mike Gardner from Harrogate, a councillor who decided to wear a Hitler outfit to a party, but got deselected for the general election when the photos leaked out to Facebook.