They both have successful careers, so Katy Perry and Russell Brand are apart a lot - but the funnyman keeps her entertained by wearing sexy fancy dress for their Skype calls. According to the Sun, Russ has been donning Katy's wigs to chat to her and make her laugh while she's across the pond. He also reportedly dressed up as Doctor Who for the benefit of his quirky fiancee. "Katy really likes Matt Smith as the Doctor so he tried to impress her with his effort," a source explained. Russell recently told MTV that although their situation isn't ideal, they make sure they do not go longer than two weeks without seeing each other to ensure they stay close. However, it's not the first time their love for fancy dress has been revealed. Not only was it reported recently that both Katy and Russell might wear costumes to their wedding, but Russell was recently spotted wearing a Batman fancy dress costume to film new flick Arthur.