The Batman fancy dress costume from 1997's Batman and Robin left a little to be desired when it was compared to the original Batsuit.

This is the opinion of Mike Gorman, writing for fansite, who said that his main problem with the outfit was the fact that it had nipples.

"For the love of god, can someone explain why Batman would construct a suit to protect himself and then say, 'Yeah, the mofo needs nipples'?" the comic book enthusiast ranted.

He also criticised the same feature on Robin's superhero suit - clearly not a supporter of the sexy look the producers were going for, then!

Catwoman's outfit in her 2004 outing also came in for a bit of a verbal kicking by Mike.

Back in May, the people at MTV voted Wonder Woman's suit as being among the most impractical in the superhero kingdom, pointing out that she would never have been able to run in hotpants and a bustier.