If you were going to see the Queen, the chances are you'd choose a morning suit over a cow fancy dress costume.

However, this is not the case for milkman Tony Fowler, who will be collecting an MBE this week, the Leicester Mercury reports.

The 51-year-old from Melton won the accolade after catching a string of criminals on his milkround and said he intends to shake the monarch's hand while wearing a cow outfit to raise cash for charity.

Palace officials were none too happy to hear of his plans and asked him to have a rethink, but they relented when they heard it was for charitable causes.

However, Tony has compromised by agreeing not to wear face paint and his tail.

"My mother's not very happy and my wife, Anne, is not pleased about me going as a cow but I just want to do something different," he explained.

Given Tony's ability to combine delivering milk with crime-fighting, perhaps he'd be better off wearing Batman fancy dress!