Deluxe Batman Fancy Dress Costume
Batman has been spotted wandering around the Escapade London fancy dress store. The Dark Knight appears to have a little time off after the filming ended for the latest instalment of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. As Batman wandered around our store surprising and amusing customers he rather oddly told us that he was looking for British themed fancy dress accessories in order to celebrate this summers London Olympics. As it transpired Batman appeared to have an alternative agenda as he wandered around the store hiding all of the Avengers themed fancy dress costumes at the back of their racks. His actions would suggest that the competition for this summers biggest blockbuster between the Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers is heating up. As members of staff attempted to deal with what was potentially becoming an issue, Batman bemoaned had the Avengers simply called him he could have taken down Loki in, “17 seconds”. We tried to explain to him the difference between Marvel & DC comics but he simply held up a hand and said, “Silence Nerds”. Shortly after posing for the photograph seen here we had to force the man wearing the Batman Collectors Edition Costume to leave the store as he was terrifying a small child whose mother was looking to purchase a kids Captain America outfit. Which film are you looking forward to seeing more this Summer? The Dark Knight Rises Trailer The Avengers Trailer