Best Ever Movie Dads

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday; to pay homage to our daddies we have come up with this list of our favourite ever movie dads. Big love to all you poppa's out there!

    father 3

Damon MacReady Kick-Ass 2010

The daddy details: Damon is a certified bad-ass. Teaching his daughter how to shoot guns and fight like a superhero... We wish our dad was this cool. Don't mess with Mr MacReady, he's the MacDaddy. Father's day gift: Guns, guns and... guns. Or how bout some 007 style gadget weapons?   father 8

Homer Simpson The Simpons (2007)

The daddy details: Homer is the silliest Simpson there is; but he's a lovable old fool and one thing's for certain... He adores those kids. Even when he's trying to strangle Bart... Why you little! Father's day gift: Do you really need to ask? DOH-nuts of course. Perhaps a six-pack of Duff too. father 6

Chris Gardner The Pursuit Of Happiness (2006)

The daddy details: Chris makes our heart ache, possibly the sweetest movie father out there; the love for his son is a beautiful thing. Father's day giftWe would treat him to a shopping spree, and a huge hug.   father 10

Bryan Mills Taken (2008)

The daddy details: Look out, theres another bad-ass over here. We arent sure if we want Bryan to be our dad or take us on a date. Just look at this silver fox, with ninja skills to boot! Father's day giftA day at the spa. He needs to put his feet up.   father 4

Darth Vader Star Wars (1977 )

The daddy details: Darth starts off as an evil intergalactic baddie, with enough drama in his path to rival a Jeremy Kyle episode.. He does eventually come round to the error of his ways, making the ultimate sacrifice for his son. So I think we can let him off for everything else. Father's day giftA skin peel   father 7

Mufasa The Lion King (1994)

The daddy details: Mufasa, we know you were a cartoon, fictional lion, but gosh damnit, did you give us the feels in the Lion King. If you did not cry as you watched his demise, then you have a heart of stone. Father's day giftA hair brush to tame that gorgeous mane   father 9

Vito Corleone The Godfather (1971)

The daddy details: This guy gives us the creeps! But the love for his son is undeniable. He tried to protect him from a life of crime.. but of course there is no escaping that gangsters paradise! Father's day giftThis man has everything. Perhaps a pair of slippers so he can finally dress down.   father 2

Captain Von Trapp The Sound Of Music (1965)

The daddy details: Sacrificing his riches to save his little ones, Captain Von Trapp won our hearts with his singing talents. Another silver fox in our midst. Dreamy. If You Had To Buy Him A Father's Day Present: A ukulele so he could make music on the run.   Mrs. Doubtfire - Das stachelige KindermŠdchen

Daniel Hillard Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

The daddy details: We saved the best for last; Mrs Doubtfire AKA Daniel Hillard, gets a little creepy with his cross dressing alter ego double life. But all in an effort to spend more time with his precious babies, teaching them a valuable lesson along the way. Father's day giftSome Cilit Bang, he loves cleaning.