She may spend her acting life in ornate saris, but Bollywood actress Jennifer Kotwal has said she would love the chance to wear historical fancy dress.

In an interview with Daily News and Analysis, the performer said she has her eye on one particular outfit should the opportunity ever arise to go to a costume party or act in a themed movie.

"I would love to dress up as Cleopatra. I can totally see myself as an Egyptian queen and I think it will look sexy and elegant at the same time," she commented.

Kotwal added that she is sure her friends would love to see her in Cleopatra fancy dress looking regal.

However, she also revealed that she can't live without pink in her wardrobe, so perhaps dressing up as a fairy could also be an option!

Cleopatra was the last ruler of the Ptolemy dynasty and is famous for her love affair with Mark Antony. Her tomb has never been found.