Karen Gillan has been spotted wearing pirate fancy dress as she filmed scenes for a new episode of Doctor Who.

The 23-year-old - who plays the Time Lord's assistant Amy Pond - donned a swashbuckling outfit on location in Cornwall to film for series six of the popular BBC programme.

It appeared as though a host of seadogs had taken her and the Doctor hostage in the story, but Amy manages to break free and swing across the set, which happens to be a huge wooden ship.

From the action going on, the cutlass-brandishing assistant appears to save the day in the episode, which should hit our screens later this year.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp has suggested that fans might notice a slight difference in his Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress in the fourth movie, joking in an interview with Collider.com that Jack Sparrow has had a sex change.

He was kidding of course, but Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is sure to be worth watching in May nevertheless.