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The superhero costume Captain America wore in the TV movie from 1979 has been voted as the worst ever donned by any comic book hero by one website. said that while actor Reb Brown was a good size to play the patriotic goodie, he was let down by what he had to wear.

"He wears a motorcycle helmet, he has vertical red and white stripes and his shield was a cheap piece of clear Plexiglas," the article pointed out.

Also making the top three was Daredevil in The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989) for his black costume - which said made him look like a mugger - and the pre-Lynda Carter Wonder Woman of 1974 as a result of her jogging suit-like attire.

Pictures of Captain America's new look were released in January, as Chris Evans is set to don the costume for the next movie.

They showed a sort of parachuting suit and a leather-look superhero outfit, so hopefully might be a bit more satisfied this time!

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