Parents may wish to invest in children's fancy dress if they want their kids to start practising their future careers.

A new poll by has discovered that most little ones (68 per cent) want to be vets when they grow up, while police officers, football players and firefighters also featured in the top ten.

However, 58 per cent of parents said their kids are always changing their minds about what they want to be - and the survey also flagged up some very funny answers too.

Some 43 per cent of those asked - presumably the little girls - said they aspired to become a princess when they grew up.

And one parent reported their youngster had said they wanted to be a giraffe when they were older - hilarious!

However, don't disappoint your tots if they come up with strange future careers - why not indulge their imagination?

Barbie Princess fancy dress could satisfy girls with regal hopes, while superhero fancy dress may make dreams come true for the kids who said this was what they wanted to do in the future.