If you want to opt for a Halloween fancy dress costume that you will be able to use again this year, then you may wish to go for something monster-themed.

A new film will be making its way to the UK in November that is sure to have fans of the Alien and Predator flicks well-entertained.

Directed by Gareth Edwards, Monsters tells the story of a space probe that crashes to earth and brings with it frightening alien life-forms. They spawn and take over Mexico, forcing the US Army to contain them and the citizens to grudgingly live alongside them.

Irritatingly, it won't be here in time for Halloween (it hits movie theatres on November 12th 2010), but we already can't wait to see it. According to Empire, the creatures are mostly kept in the dark too, making it even more frightening.

So, the celebrate all things movie monster-themed, you could invest in a Predator fancy dress costume in time for this October 31st - and then wear it to the first screenings of Monsters a few days later!