Two youngsters in Australia have come up with a way of livening up boring school holidays using children's fancy dress and other fun activities.

Anna O'Donnell, 12, and Tessa Wilson, 13, found they were fed up during a recent break from lessons and didn't want to take the suggestions of their parents, which mainly involved tidying up their bedrooms, the Mosman Daily reports.

So they sat down and wrote a list of 101 fun ideas for themselves and their friends to do, which was so good that it has been snapped up by a publisher and turned into a book.

Suggestions include holding an egg-throwing contest and pretending to be a spy for a day.

However, the girls' favourite involves fun fancy dress.

"You dress up in something wild and then go and knock on a friend's door," Anna explained.

Although the book sounds like a good idea, some of the suggestions are probably more appealing in the warm weather of Sydney than the unpredictable conditions we usually see during British school holidays…