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Former supermodel Christie Brinkley is set to razzle dazzle audiences in the West End version of Chicago.

The 57-year-old, who inspired her then-husband Billy Joel to write the song Uptown Girl back in 1983, will head to the Cambridge Theatre for a four-week stint starting on July 11th 2011.

She will appear alongside Jonathan Wilkes as sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn and Amra-Faye Wright as fellow murderess Velma Kelly.

Brinkley is no stranger to the musical, as she has already been paying Roxie Hart in the Broadway version.

Commenting on her move to the stage, she said: "Billy always used to say I could do a Broadway musical."

Chicago has been showing at the Cambridge Theatre since 2006, although it has been a popular resident in the West End since 1997.

The musical tells the tale of aspiring jazz performer Roxie, who kills her lover after realising he has been stringing her along and then has to try and get herself out of serious trouble.

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