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Photos revealing Sacha Baron Cohen's costume for his latest film have been published - and a fancy dress beard and wig seem to be key components of the actor's latest look.

The Dictator, which is directed by Larry Charles and will be released next May, will see Cohen take the title role of an Iraqi leader who falls in love with a peasant girl.

It seems like a strange film even for the star of Borat and Bruno - especially when (or perhaps until) you discover that the plot is based on a book reported to have been produced at the behest of Saddam Hussein, if not written by the dictator himself.

The first images of Cohen's costume show him in a white military uniform complete with an orange sash and plenty of medals.

However, the crowning glory of the fancy dress ensemble has to be his sunglasses, bushy wig and beard - these will surely draw everyone's attention when the billboards advertising the movie go up next year!

The book that the film is based on, Zabibah and the King, was written with the intention of creating an allegory for events in Iraq following the Gulf War - it remains to be seen how this aspect of the novel will be treated in the movie.

Other actors set to appear in The Dictator include Scary Movie 4 star Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley, best known for his Oscar-winning turn in Gandhi.

Who knows what costumes they'll be donning for the film?

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