Hundreds of revellers headed to San Francisco over the weekend to take part in an annual Christmas fancy dress event in the Bay area.

Father Christmas fancy dress was the order of the day at SantaCon, which sees people don costumes and go out to the city's various bars and eateries to spread merriment.

There were also plenty of elves to help the santas go about their business, which no doubt included partaking in plenty of sherry-drinking.

A barman at the Gold Cane Cocktail Lounge said he saw a boatload of santas roll in at 17:00 local time, by which time the party was already in full swing.

The event has been taking place every festive season since 1994.

Earlier this month, the Gainsborough Standard reported that 78-year-old nursing home resident Sam Hudson is to don Father Christmas fancy dress again for 2010, making it the fiftieth year he has done so.