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Comic book fans have taken part in a vote to create the ultimate superhero, made up of the best bits of other characters from over the years.

LoveFilm asked 3,000 people to cast their votes to celebrate the release of the new Captain America film in cinemas.

However, the results may surprise some people, as the superheroes that are usually the classics were a bit further down the list than perhaps could be expected.

Some 38 per cent said they thought Wolverine's claws would be an essential component of the new character, while his superfast healing powers also attracted 22 per cent.

Batman's equipment proved important to his fans, as 29 per cent of the respondents voted for the Batmobile and his utility belt to be included.

Finally, 15 per cent said they thought Superman's power of flight was important when coming up with a new crimefighter.

Jack Lawrence, the artist tasked with drawing the eventual creation, said he was surprised by the outcome of the poll.

"Of course, we all wish we had the claws of Wolverine or cruised along in the Batmobile. But I really expected Superman and Spiderman's powers to feature higher up the list," he commented.

Perhaps Superman got neglected because there hasn't been a new movie in quite a long time, whereas X-Men is fresh in people's minds.

Meanwhile, the people who voted were probably unlikely to think of Captain America's 1979 incarnation when coming up with their ideas. recently voted the costume worn by Reb Brown as the worst ever donned by any comic book hero, thanks to his motorcycle helmet-like headgear and a shield that looked like "a cheap piece of clear Plexiglas".

Let's hope Chris Evans as the new Captain America does a little better in terms of style points this year!

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