The people of a small town called Lynnwood in Seattle can sleep safe in their beds knowing that they are being protected by superheroes - or at least people in superhero fancy dress.

Apparently, a group of vigilantes calling themselves the Rain City Superhero Movement has taken to the streets to take the law into their own hands, with one man telling the press they prevented a car theft.

'Dan', who did not want to give his real name for fear of being laughed at, went to pick up his car and found a baddie trying to steal it. Before he could even dial 911, 'Phoenix Jones' had darted from the darkness in his superhero costume, scaring the criminal away.

"The average person doesn't have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing," spandex-clad Jones told local news provider KRO.

His buddies are called Buster Doe, Catastrophe, Gemini, Green Reaper, No Name, Penelope, Thorn and Thunder 88, but the illusion is shattered slightly by the fact that they are driven around in a Kia rather than a comic book-style vehicle.

Back in July 2010, the Colombia Daily Herald reported that Colombia University also had its own vigilante, although Christian Tyler Hardee was arrested when he started prowling the campus late at night.