Three movie fans have been showing off their Star Wars fancy dress at a museum exhibition in California.

Daniel Nichols and pals Hannah and James Littier made their way to Turtle Bay in Redding, California in order to visit a display entitled Out Of This World: Extraordinary Costumes, reports.

Featuring more than 40 models, outfits and props from classic films such as Tron, Terminator and Blade Runner, the exhibition aims to show people how good designs can help to create iconic characters that really stick in people's minds.

Of course, Star Wars plays a big part in the collection, so the three enthusiasts sported Boba Fett fancy dress and posed for photographs inside the museum.

They have been doing this for a while and even won a costume competition in San Francisco recently.

However, they have also started a new project that aims to make a film out of Warhammer, so the world may soon be seeing more of them!