WARNING: If your a Star Wars fan looking to buy a Lightsaber, stay clear of the 'Spyder III Pro Arctic' that is being imported from Hong Kong.

The makers have claimed that the laser technology is "the most dangerous laser ever created" with local government agencys confirming this by epressing thier concern over the distribution of the product on the web. Experts are saying that no more than a few years ago it would have cost thousands to create this kind of power in laser technology with it being over 1000 times more powerful than any laser currently available on the British high Street. Yet you can pick this up for as little as £135 on various websites online. The health risks associated with this can include serious burns on contact with skin and permanent blindness. However the main worry is that it is not the owner/user that will sustain the injuries, more over the unsuspecting public that the device may be aimed at. Trading standards have said they are powerless to stop the production, sale or import of this product as it is not manufactured in the UK.