Elephant Costume worn by Chris Martin in Coldplay Paradise Video

Coldplay’s recent release Paradise has resulted in the Elephant Mascot Costume featured in the video selling out in record time. After the initial video directed by Hype Williams which featured the gritty story of a young girl leaving prison, stealing a car and heading northbound in her search for paradise was scrapped, Coldplay went on to call on the bands go to director Mat Whitecross. Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin, who came up with the videos concept of an elephant escaping from a zoo in London, busking on the streets and eventually making his way to South Africa via plane and unicycle in the space of a few hours called on Mat just one day before shooting and the director flew from London to South Africa the next day to begin the video. As the only London based costumier who carried the elephant costumes worn by Chris Martin and the bands drummer Will Champion at the time of the videos making we can confirm that four identical elephant costumes were purchased from our Camden store on October 5th 2011 shortly before the shoot. While we have contacted the Coldplay team, and Chris Martin to confirm that it is in fact our costumes featured in the video, we aren’t expecting a reply any time soon. The elephant costume which Martin wore throughout the entire video caused a stir in London and South Africa as bemused commuters & passers-by had no idea that one of the world’s most famous musicians was in fact the man in the comical elephant suit sitting next to the them on the tube. The costumes pay homage to the characters from the 1960’s Children’s television series The Banana Splits, sold out only two short weeks after the videos release date. This isn’t the first time Escapade has played a small role in British music heritage, back in 1982 the band Madness used costumes from Escapade and even filmed some of their #1 single “House of Fun” in our old Camden store, yes we are that old! Let us know what you think of the video and check out our wide range of pop star fancy dress costumes to become your own music legend.