Guilty Pleasures – Sailors vs. Pirates KOKO Saturday 25th February 2012 9pm – 3am £16 / £13.50 adv Escapade has had a long standing partnership with the team at Guilty Pleasures who host some of London’s biggest and best fancy dress parties at their Koko, Camden venue. This months themed party sees sailors take on pirates with a theme that revolves around the deep blue sea. Getting the ocean floor rocking betwixt swigs of grog are the rag tag of mishaps that make up the ship’s crew: Captain Birdseye Sean Rowley and his First Mate Dan Hayes will be manning the decks alongside the shanty singing Mermaid Anna Greenwood. Blackbeard’s boys The Dreambears will be dancing a hornpipe or two across the deck, whilst Admiral Father Oates brings his confessional booth aboard. The Ship’s Mast, Lydia Darling the Fire Eating Goddess, comes to life and bewitches all with her saucy sorcery. Up in the crow’s nest, a bunch of stowaways by the name of Sink the Pink have taken over. This rowdy bunch of tearaways will be running amok with their all encompassing,interactive dj dance off and have you swinging about the galley with glee! It’s best upon these high seas that we dress accordingly be you a naval officer or a rum-sozzled pirate. Brass buttoned blazers, captain’s hats, sailor suits for our naval sorts, cutlasses, eye patches, tri-cornered hats and all other creatures that lurk in Davey Jones’s locker welcome aboard – be thee merfolk, sea horses or assorted marine mammals. As always guilty pleasures mixes top flight entertainment with an unbeatable crowd decked out to the 9’s with some of the most decadent fancy dress on the market. If you’re think of heading down to this weeks party make sure you check out our great range of pirate fancy dress and sailor costumes perfect for the event and use voucher code “yohoho” to save 10% off a costume of your choice.