It may be one of the most eagerly-anticipated movies of the year, but one of the stars of Tron: Legacy has suggested its film fancy dress budget may not have been that high.

Olivia Wilde, who is to play Quorra in the sci-fi story, told she was forbidden from putting or losing weight after her costume fitting - because she was only getting one.

"There was a certain dedication to the suit, a relationship that we had to have with our suits, both good and bad," she commented.

Luckily, the actress managed to get through to the wrap party without bursting the seams of her tight suit, but she admitted she was worried about them at one point.

Actor Matthew Goode may be following this news with interest, as he is rumoured to be set to don Superman fancy dress to play him in a new film. However, it is thought that his muscles will be added with CGI, so perhaps they can edit out any tears in the costume while they're at it.