Fun fancy dress has been helping protesters get a serious message across in New York this week.

A gang of people dressed as bagels turned out in Brooklyn to criticise cuts in funding for Aids sufferers in the New York area.

Mayor Bloomberg was going to meet city officials to discuss the issue on December 1st - World Aids Day - as part of the annual Bagel Breakfast, but residents said he never meets his promises to deliver help to the 45,000 New Yorkers with the disease.

They chanted: "Cream cheese with chives won't save lives," and chained themselves together, resulting in nine arrests.

However, they hope the protest will lead to more awareness of Aids and better housing and benefits for those who have it.

A spokesperson for the mayor insisted that New York is making every effort to help the most vulnerable.

Back in May, protesters against election candidates in Nevada sported chicken fancy dress to make a point about poor healthcare.