Lady Gaga appeared on national television in America this week wearing an outfit that was inspired by fun fancy dress.

Nothing new there you might think - but this time, she revealed the costume was designed to look like condom fancy dress in order to spread the message about safe sex and Aids prevention.

The singer is a MAC beauty ambassador and also a keen campaigner on the subject, so she sported peachy-coloured latex from top to bottom on Good Morning America.

"I really wanted to head to toe be representative of what we women and people all over the world need to be concerned about … which is HIV," Lady Gaga explained.

She added that she hopes her costume will get people talking about the disease and safe sex, as well as raising money for HIV/Aids-related causes.

Back in December 2010, campaigners from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals in Washington also dressed as condoms, but this was to encourage people to get their pets neutered, reported.