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Despite regular claims about violent video games causing players to become more aggressive, it appears football titles may be more provocative.

A study by Dr Simon Goodson and Sarah Pearson of Huddersfield University looked at the brain and heart activity of people playing sports games as opposed to shoot-em-up games.

It was found that letting a goal in actually produced more emotion than shooting an enemy because it is closer to real life.

Dr Goodson commented: "As participants reacted with more agitation during the football game it seems the effects of violent video games have been misrepresented in the past."

Meanwhile, according to Child Growth Foundation research published by the Daily Mail, only 34 per cent of youngsters spend their free time engaging in sports, while 43 per cent play video games and 56 per cent surf the internet.

This has led to concerns that Britain is raising a generation of couch potatoes.

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