Read entertainment news as you browse for sci-fi fancy dress with Escapade Fans of the Twilight books may be pleased to know they will soon be able to see another of Stephanie Meyer's creations turned into a film. Her 2008 novel The Host is to be adapted for the silver screen by producers Nick Wechsler and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz, it has been revealed. Saoirse Ronan, who is currently appearing in the assassin flick Hanna, has been cast as the main character Melanie Stryder. However, anyone expecting angst-filled vampires may be disappointed, as The Host is described on the author's website as "science fiction for people who don't like science fiction". It tells the story of Melanie, who is one of the few humans left in a futuristic world where alien parasites have invaded people's bodies and taken over their minds. She too is eventually invaded, but the alien inside her becomes torn between completing the mission and joining forces with Melanie to find her true love Jared. It is not yet known when the film will be released. Check out the latest alien fancy dress at Escapade