Two film fans who were caught on Google Street View wearing fun fancy dress have been unveiled by a newspaper.

Jonah Davies and Rich Pierce had been on a night out to celebrate Rich's birthday in May 2009 when they saw the Google mapping car go past, the Plymouth Herald reports.

Suspecting they may appear on the 3D map when it went live six months later, they logged on - and found themselves immortalised in rock star fancy dress.

Explaining that the pair always go out in costumes for their birthdays, Jonah added: "We've been going around shops trying to get a celebrity discount, but so far without any luck."

Meanwhile, a man in a horse mask has also been causing hilarity on Google's Street View service.

The unidentified prankster - nicknamed Horse-Boy - can be seen on various pictures of roads in Aberdeen. He last appeared on Hardgate and was standing with a young girl in school uniform.