You know a film is big news when even the sexy fancy dress that features in the story needs security.

This is the case for the costumes in Twilight Eclipse, which are currently touring cinemas around the world so that fans can check them out in real life.

They are currently in New Zealand, where outfit's like Jacob Black's demin shorts will be showing at the Event Cinema in Manukau until July 21st, reports.

Cinema manager Jane Harding said: "The clothing has to be in shatterproof glass and be guarded by security - it is in such demand."

Twilight has certainly caused a furore since it burst into the limelight.

In June this year, the Sun reported that youngsters in Texas are choosing to go to school in werewolf fancy dress instead of traditional emo garb.

Headteacher Bill Hill said they walk the hallways swishing their tails and blinking their yellow contact lens-endowed eyes, much to the surprise of teachers and fellow students.