If you're a child of the '80s, you had better get hold of a Mr T fancy dress outfit soon. The original TV series has been remade in Hollywood and it will hit cinemas at the end of this month, providing plenty of time for you and your mates to get costumes ready and dress up for the first screenings. Liam Neeson will play Hannibal, while Sharlto Copley is Howling Mad Murdock and Bradley Cooper is Faceman Peck. The iconic role of BA Baracus will be taken by Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, who has very big shoes to fill for anyone who loved the programmes at teatime on a Saturday night! This time, they're Iraq veterans instead of Vietnam, but they're still fighting to clear their names of a crime they didn't commit. So get ready to rehearse catchphrases like "I ain't gettin' on no plane, fool" while wearing your Mr T Mohawk. You could also get hold of some Army Medallion Dog Tags and a Big Daddy Dollar Medallion to make sure you really look the part - and don't forget to hassle Murdock!