If you know what we mean when we say 'wax on, wax, off', then you'd better get your martial arts fancy dress costumes at the ready.

Hot on the heels of the A Team remake, a new version of The Karate Kid had its premiere in Los Angeles last night, 26 years after the original became a hit in cinemas.

The 2010 release tells the story of Dre Parker - played by Will Smith's son Jaden - who is forced to move to China with his mum.

However, he finds making friends difficult and makes an enemy of the class bully Cheng.

The only person he can turn to is the mysterious maintenance man Mr Han (Jackie Chan), who begins to train him in martial arts.

Will he be able to stand up to the bullies and win the heart of Mei Ying?

We were pleased to find out that the new version is more of a sequel than a remake, as it would have been too sad to replace Pat Morita, the original Mr Miyagi who passed away in 2005.

However, you could pay homage to him when the film premieres over here by donning a Chinese-style fancy dress hat for the first screenings.