Read lifestyle news as you browse for Halloween fancy dress with Escapade Anyone walking around Glasgow in the coming weeks should not be alarmed if they see American street signs rather than the British ones they are used to. This is because the Scottish city is temporarily being turned into Philadelphia so it can be used as the location for World War Z, the new zombie movie starring Brad Pitt. Stars and stripes flags are being raised above buildings and fake store fronts are being brought in to turn Glasgow into an all-American metropolis, albeit one that has suffered from the results of a zombie war. World War Z is based on the novel by Max Brooks and tells the story of a globe that has been decimated by the undead, ten years after they first appeared. We're not quite sure why a real American city hasn't been used for filming - which begins tonight (August 16th 2011) - but Glasgow city officials are very pleased their home has been chosen. Gordon Matheson from the local council said: "There is great anticipation in the city ahead of such a huge film coming here." There was an open audition last month to recruit people to wear zombie fancy dress as extras, resulting in a cast and crew of about 1,200 people. Glasgow will be 'ruined' for around two weeks until the shoot is completed. Meanwhile, Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their six children spent today travelling from London to Glasgow on a Virgin train that was specially chartered for them so they can be together while he fights pretend zombies. Back in June, a horde of zombies (not sure if that's the technical term for more than one of the undead, but it'll do) invaded Leicester after a citizen wrote to the council asking if the city would be prepared for an attack of the brain-eating creatures. James Dixon, 26, thought it was so funny that he got his pals together and staged a fancy dress "shamble" through the local streets, proving a point and startling lots of people at the same time. Check out the latest zombie fancy dress at Escapade