Read celebrity news as you browse for Christmas fancy dress with Escapade Lady Gaga may be inspired to wear Christmas fancy dress in November when she opens up a new grotto-style shop in New York department store Barney's. The pop star will launch Gaga's Grotto in November and is to sell a range of items, including jewellery by designer Nicola Formichetti. There will also be Gaga's Workshop gift items for people to treat their loved ones to while raising money for charity. A whole floor of the legendary store is to be given over to Gaga, while she will also be permitted to take responsibility for the window display that thousands of tourists flock to see every year. "The festive period is about joy, sharing and inclusiveness and to me, Gaga really represents all of that," explained Barney's boss Mark Lee. Meanwhile, the controversial singer has also been offending Catholics again, after a trailer for a new documentary showed her dressed as a nun and being spanked by Jean-Paul Gaultier in a priest's outfit. Check out the latest Santa fancy dress at Escapade