The cast of Glee are to take on a darker theme next series when they don Halloween fancy dress to pay homage to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy announced the news at last week's Comic-Con, causing excitement at the thought of the performers dressed in extravagant Frank N Furter fancy dress costumes and other outfits.

The new episode is sure to cause as much of a stir as the Madonna-themed instalment last series, which saw the McKinley High students perform classic hits such as Like a Virgin in their own distinctive style.

Released in 1975, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical horror film that parodies B-movies and is seen as a cult classic.

The film was selected for preservation at the US National Film Registry in 2005 due to its cultural significance.

It was also revealed at Comic-Con that the cast of Glee will soon be appearing in The Simpsons, as will Hugh Laurie and Wallace and Gromit.