A robber successfully pulled off a daring bank raid last week by wearing Star Wars fancy dress, it has been revealed.

The baddie went into the Chase bank in Long Island, New York on Thursday (July 22nd 2010) wearing a Darth Vader fancy dress costume and proceeded to threaten staff and customers.

Unfortunately for him, it took quite a long time to convince the cashiers that the incident was a real heist and not just a reality TV show joke.

However, he eventually lost patience and reached into his belt, not for a light sabre but for a rather out-of-character handgun.

The robber eventually made off with an undisclosed sum in money, prompting local newspapers to joke 'The Empire Strikes Bank'.

It is not the first time a Long Island bank has been robbed this month - the 'Bouquet Bandit' - so-called because he leaves flowers or a potted plant as a calling card - recently struck at another establishment in the vicinity.